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Price List

Hair Cuts

Women- $45+

Men/Boys- $25

Boys- $23

Beard/Mustache Trim- $15

Buzz (One Blade)- $18

Girls (under 10)- $30+ (a child can be charged an adult haircut if they have extra thick or long hair.)

Bang Trim- $10 (regardless of age)


Adults- $40+

Children- $20+

Roller Set- $33+


Basic Perm- $90+

Spiral Perm- $125+

"PiggyBack" Perm- $150+

(Charge of $10 per extra box used)

Chemical Services

Formal Styles

Curls ONLY (left down)- $65+

Curls WITH Wash and Blowout- $90+

Basic Formal Style- $100+

Bridal Formal Style- $135+

French Braid- $30+

Wax Services

Eye/Lip/Chin Wax- $12+

Half Leg Wax- $36+

Full Leg Wax- $66+

Bikini Wax- $36+

Brazilian Wax- $60

Back Wax- $45+

Under Arm Wax- $16+

Touch Up (Single Process) w/ NO Finish- $65+

Touch Up (Single Process) w/ Blowout- $75+

Touch Up (Single Process) w/ Haircut- $105+

Full Color- $110+

Glaze (color/clear)- $65+

"Pick Me Up" Foils (root foil/face frame)- $75+

Partial Foils- $120+

Full Foils- $150+

"Pick Me Up" Balayage (money piece)- $125+

Partial Balayage- $210+

Full Balayage- $260+

Full Keratin Treatment- $255+

Express Keratin Blowout- $125+

Eyebrow Color- $12

Corrective Color- (must have consultation for pricing)

Blowout on Color Services- add $10


Wig Blowout- $90+

Wig Haircut and Blowout- $130+

*Service prices may vary depending on length of hair, thickness of hair, and/or amount of product used.*

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